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8 Amazing Benefits of the Icon Laser

Aesthetic laser treatments are well-known for their ability to treat a range of skin imperfections and signs of aging. At Maria Cole Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, our nurse practitioners prefer the Icon™ laser for its ability to treat many different skin problems all at one time. 

All about the Icon laser

The Icon laser is an all-in-one aesthetics system that goes far beyond what most laser skin treatments can do. It combines intense pulses of light with nonablative laser energy and pushes them deep into your skin to rev up your body’s collagen and elastin production, two crucial elements of smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. Since we naturally lose collagen and elastin as we age, treatments with the Icon laser help to downplay the signs of aging and restore your youthful glow.

8 amazing benefits

The reason the Icon laser is so popular is because it’s such an efficient multitasker, treating you to multiple beauty therapies all at once. The Icon:  

1. Reduces leg veins

The intense laser energy from the Icon directly targets the blood vessels that are responsible for your unattractive spider veins and instantly constricts and destroys them. Your skin may get warm, but you never overheat because the device has a built-in cooling mechanism.  

2. Reduces hyperpigmentation

If you suffer from dark places on your skin from melasma or age spots, the Icon laser is an ideal solution. One of our skilled nurse practitioners uses the laser to give you a photorejuvenation treatment, which causes the dark areas to slough away, leaving you with an even skin tone.

3. Diminishes stretch marks

If you have stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain, the fractional laser light from the Icon laser works underneath your skin to encourage new cell production. It may take a few sessions, but over time, the stretchy part of the marks are filled in and blend in better with the rest of your skin. 

4. Removes hair

Put an end to shaving and waxing. The laser’s light energy destroys your hair follicles, stopping or greatly diminishing hair growth on your legs, bikini line, armpits, and other areas.

5. Minimizes wrinkles

By generating new tissues, cells, collagen, and elastin, Icon’s laser light minimizes the appearance of your wrinkles in as few as one treatment. Our nurse practitioners often craft a skin rejuvenation plan that includes two or more treatments to optimize your results. 

6. Minimizes scars

Acne pocks and surgical scars respond well to the Icon aesthetic system. The laser energy goes to work breaking down the tough scar tissue while it simultaneously amps up your collagen and elastin production. Healthy skin eventually displaces the area where the scar tissue accumulated.

7. Resurfaces skin

For any textural issues, the laser addresses them by blasting short beams of energy into the problem area, which may be wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, or scars. It stokes your collagen production and builds new tissue.

8. Requires no downtime.

The Icon laser doesn’t require downtime for most therapies, so you can get right back to your life after your appointment. Treatments usually only take about 30 minutes in our office. 

Ready to check out the many benefits of the Icon laser? Call now to set up your skin revitalization appointment.

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