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Eliminate Up to 24% of Your Fat Cells Once and For All

If you’ve ever wondered why most of your body is trim and fit, but you still have excess fat under your chin or around your abdomen, hips — pick your place — your genes may be the reason. Many people have an excessive number of fat cells in key areas around their bodies, which is why they can’t lose enough weight to lose that fat, too.

Sometimes it takes hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause, to reveal those exercise-resistant fatty bulges. No matter why you have excess fat and fat cells, a simple solution exists. 

At Maria Cole Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, we offer body-sculpting services with SculpSure® by Cynosure® that permanently removes up to 24% of excess fat cells at a time. 

How SculpSure kills fat cells

When you have too many fat cells in an area, you can lose weight overall and still have bulges around your:

SculpSure is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses laser energy to disrupt the integrity of unneeded fat cells. Once SculpSure targets the fat cells, they can’t hold fat any longer. Your body then breaks them down and excretes the debris through normal, natural processes.

Each 25-minute SculpSure session destroys up to 24% of fat cells in a particular treatment area. You may need a series of up to three sessions to remove the amount of fat you’d like to say good-bye to permanently.

The fat doesn’t come back

Once SculpSure destroys fat cells, your body flushes them away, so they can’t grow back. Even if you do gain weight, your new proportions are yours to keep.

Of course, to get the most of your body-sculpting treatment, you should try to maintain a stable weight. That’s why we encourage you to be at a healthy, stable weight before your first SculpSure treatment.

Your skin tightens, too

Another advantage of SculpSure is that the laser energy improves the skin around the treatment area, too. The laser energy stimulates the production of collagen, which makes your skin stronger and tighter. As you lose fat, your skin tightens slightly to minimize the risk of sagging.

You don’t have to be perfect

Unlike many other body-contouring treatments, we can trim excess fat with SculpSure even if you’re overweight or obese. You can have an BMI of up to 49 and still benefit from SculpSure. 

Though you can’t lose a significant amount of weight with SculpSure (think of losing inches of fat, rather than pounds), you can improve your proportions. Seeing your new shape may help inspire you to attain a healthier weight with diet and exercise. If so, we can help with medically supervised weight-loss programs. 

Transform your figure by eliminating unwanted fat with body-sculpting at Maria Cole Family Practice. Call our team at 432-200-9087. You can also reach us with our online message form.

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