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It Hurts When I Ejaculate

Up to 25% of men experience an unpleasant phenomenon known as painful ejaculation. When orgasm is painful, you may avoid sex altogether.

At Maria Cole Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, we believe that every man and woman deserves a vibrant, satisfying, pain-free sex life. That’s why we offer painful ejaculation diagnosis and treatment as part of our men’s health services.

A number of conditions may cause or contribute to your painful ejaculation. Below are a few of the most common reasons for this distressing symptom, as well as treatment options.

You have an STD or other infection

When you develop a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or suffer from another type of infection, your urethra may become irritated and inflamed. Even after your infection is resolved, the disease process may have caused scarring in your urethra or other reproductive structures that could stop the flow of semen and cause pain.

If you have a current infection, we prescribe antibiotics to resolve it. If you have scar tissue, we may recommend treatments to remove it, including surgery in extreme cases.

You have an obstruction

Even if you don’t have scar tissue that’s blocking your urethra or causing other problems, you might have another type of blockage. Common obstructions to your urethra and reproductive organs include:

We conduct imaging studies to see if you have obstructions that are blocking your tubes. If so, we may give you anti-inflammatory medications, prescribe other treatments, or refer you to a urologist for surgery.

Your prostate is too big

Your prostate is a tiny gland about the size of a walnut which can nevertheless cause big problems. Unlike most of your other organs, your prostate continues to grow as you age. In fact, almost every man who lives into his 90s will have an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

BPH is common. That’s why we check your prostate as part of your men’s health annual exam. Other symptoms of BPH include:

Most cases of BPH can be managed through lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, exercising, eating healthy foods, and staying hydrated. If not, we may prescribe medications or laser therapy.

Other causes

If you have pain in your pelvic area in addition to painful ejaculation, you may have chronic pelvic pain, which we then diagnose and treat. Some medications — including muscle relaxants — can cause painful ejaculation.

Our nurse practitioners take the time to give you a thorough physical exam, take a medical and familial history, and also conduct imaging tests to determine the sources of your pelvic pain. Once we give you a diagnosis, we then customize a treatment plan. 

Get back to pleasurable sex by finding out why you have painful ejaculation today. Call our team at 432-200-9087. You can also reach us with our online message form

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