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Understanding How Non-Invasive SculpSure® Eliminates Stubborn Fat Deposits

When it comes to losing unwanted fat, most people will tell you to get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet. But sometimes, this just isn’t enough. Several other factors play a role in fat deposits, including your genes and hormones. And, all of these components can lead to diet-resistant bulges that you can’t lose, no matter how much time you spend sweating at the gym.

In the past, if you wanted to get rid of your diet-resistant fat, you had to turn to risky procedures like liposuction. At Maria Cole Family Practice in Odessa, Texas, our experienced nurse practitioners Maria Cole and Kelly Wenger rely on cutting-edge treatments like SculpSure® to help destroy your unwanted fat cells once and for all.

Taking a scientific approach to burning fat

SculpSure is a gentle, FDA-cleared body shaping system that uses heat to destroy your fat cells. This noninvasive therapy targets your fat on a cellular level to damage the structural integrity of the cell. When this happens, your fat cell dies and gets flushed from your body by your lymphatic system.

You have a fixed number of fat cells by the time you reach adulthood. These cells never increase or decrease as your weight changes; they only grow larger or smaller in size. That means that when SculpSure destroys your fat cells in the treatment site, they’re gone permanently.

SculpSure provides such exceptional results, it comes with 100% patient satisfaction. We recommend this novel approach to fat busting for trouble spots all over your body, including your:

We can also use SculpSure in sensitive areas, like your jawline, to eliminate submental fullness and double chins.

SculpSure works best for men and women with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less, especially if you’re at or near your ideal body weight. But, if you’re looking for solutions for submental fullness, you can see results with SculpSure if you have a BMI up to 43.

Say goodbye to your problem areas with SculpSure

Our SculpSure appointments are quick and comfortable. The system comes with customizable applicators so we can configure them to fit any of your unique problem areas. To hold them in place for your treatment, we secure them to the area like a belt.

During your treatment, SculpSure delivers precise wavelengths of energy in a feathering motion to injure the unwanted fat cells in the treatment area. At the same time, it releases its patented Contact Cooling™ technology on your skin’s surface.

This advanced design not only provides natural-looking results, but it also keeps your session comfortable and protects your skin from damage. In most cases, you’re done in less than 30 minutes.

After having SculpSure, it’s common to experience some tenderness, stiffness, or bruising in the treatment site, but this is only temporary and fades quickly. Otherwise, there’s no downtime with SculpSure, so you don’t have to wait to get back to the activities you love.

SculpSure doesn’t provide immediate results because it takes time for your body to flush your dead fat cells from your system. But, within six weeks, you can expect to start seeing dramatic changes before reaching maximum results by three months.

After discussing your overall goals during your first consultation, we might recommend a series of SculpSure treatments to guarantee the best results. Once you get the figure you’ve been dreaming of, you can maintain your SculpSure results with a healthy diet and exercise program.

To see how SculpSure can eliminate your stubborn fat, call us at Maria Cole Family Practice or schedule an appointment online today.


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